Owlbears, Boars, Werewolves, and Werebear!

The Owlbears stormed the camp. They attacked randomly, devouring goblins and wounding adventurers. The party was able to overcome them, but not before they ate the Goblin guide who knows the entrance to the adamantine mine.

The party did find an owlbear egg, and some magic items, after searching the area. It must have been a nesting pair defending their territory…

The next morning, the party discovered some wild boar, which they quickly slaughtered and turned into rations.

That evening, a group of humans approached the party asking if they could share camp for the evening. The consensus was “no, go away” and later that night the party was attacked by werewolves. They were heavily scarred and each had silver daggers strapped to their legs. The party eventually destroyed them. Oh yeah, Clay turned into a werebear at this point (and continued to fight the werewolves rather than join them). Also, turns out that Clay is a woman.

The party gained some more magic items (and some silver daggers).

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